"It's a closely held secret
how easy it is to play the saw
— how simple it is to learn."
— John Kerr

Can anyone learn to play the musical saw?
"It may take a little time to develop a trained ear so you can recognize if you are exactly on pitch, but the basics can be learned quickly. In fact, I've never met an arrogant saw player because they are fully aware that the person accompanying them on the piano, no matter how badly they play, has spent much more time learning to play than they have."

Where can I play the saw?
"Learning to play the saw can open up a new and exciting world of fun and fame. There aren't a lot of us saw players out there so we're a bit of a novelty. I attend a small Methodist church and they often ask me to play. The old people in the homes love it and it's a showstopper at the local farmers market. I have played at a couple of weddings (no funerals so far). And when the family gathers around the piano to play their instruments and sing the old songs, the saw sounds good."

How did saw playing originate?
"I don't know the history of playing the saw. I have a saw that belonged to my great grandfather who was a cabinetmaker, and it doesn't play worth a hoot. I suspect that saw playing didn't exist before high grade steel was developed."